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Fall 2014 Newsletter

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From My Newsletter

What does Namaste mean?

At the end of my classes, and that of many yoga teachers, I end with the word Namaste... what does it mean?  The literal translation of Namaste is "I bow to you.".  It is used as a respectful greeting and also to mean "thank you". In a yoga class it is said to mean "the light in me bows to the light in you" or "I bow to your true self".

Yoga Creates Problems

"Eventually you will see that there is no escape, whatever it is you find comfort in will be challenged.  Yoga asks us, over and over again, to look within.  Look at the patterns of the mind, look at your reactions, your intentions, your insecurities, the nearly undetectable ways you carefully manage your ego..."  ~Lakshmi Norwood, Full Article


Favorite Quotes ...

"i use to think if i was vulnerable and told people my real story it would be the end of me. but i did it anyways… and what i've found is that whenever i'm courageous, and let people see the real me - all of my messes, mistakes, errors and imperfections - i find new beginnings bursting with empathy not endings. i hear "me too" a lot more often too. and it's easier for my heart to connect to another now that i don't have to spend all my time trying to hide or pretend i'm someone i'm not. i'm imperfectly worthy and committed to vulnerability."
~ brene brown

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